Double degree Master proramme

The double degree defines a specific programme that allows the students to obtain a valid degree from both the institutions that signed the agreement. Having a double degree increases the job opportunities and  the possibilities for the continuations of studies.

Students completing all the subjects in the programme obtain the credits to satisfy the requirements of the course of study at both the universities and they will receive the corresponding MSc degrees. The programme requires to attend subjects at the own and the host university.

Students complete the first year at their own university and attend at least one semester at the host university during the second year. The second semester of the second year will be mainly devoted to an internship and the preparation of the MSc thesis. Both the internship and the thesis may be framed in projects and collaborations between the two institutions, supervised by advisors from both of them. A maximum of 15 students may enroll the exchange programme in the academic year 2020/2021, but this maximum number will be revised for each call in the following years.


UNISI: Prof. Marco Maggini, Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics
ESTIA: Prof. Serge Miranda, Scientific Director of MSc BIHAR and Prof. Xavier Fisher, International programme coordinator at ESTIA


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