Artificial Intelligence and Automation Engineering


The Master in Artificial Intelligence  and Automation Engineering gives students strong scientific and technological background on complex engineering problems with emphasis on advanced topics in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Automation Engineering.  Students acquire the appropriate knowledge and expertise for the design of novel software and hardware architectures and are early solicited to interact with companies working in the field to gain real-world experience on currently hot topics. The Master offers plenty of job opportunity in big companies as well as in startup, public institutions, and research centers. 


Intelligent Systems

The curriculum in Intelligent Systems focuses on fundamental topics in artificial intelligence with emphasis on machine learning and  on man-machine interactions. Special emphasis is given on natural language processing and related technologies for the evelopment of conversational agents, as well as on computer vision and related applications. Students are exposed to foundations in bioinformatics and acquire basic technologies for the appropriate management of big data. Because of the engineering background, special emphasis is given on the architectures for parallel computing and on methods for the design of complex systems and distributed architectures. 


Robotics and Automation

The curriculum in Robotics and Automation focuses on fundamental topics in industrial automation and robotics. Solid foundations are given on complex systems, on the techniques for the analysis and the design discrete event systems, and on non-linear multivariable control.  Because of the emphasis on the engineering background, special emphasis is given on industrial applications and robotics. These topics, which are naturally  enriched by the intersections with artificial intelligence, allow students to become familiar with advanced interfaces for robotic interactions and haptic interfaces.